We are committed to walking with you through the creative process to ensure you feel equipped to navigate your brand's journey with confidence.

We believe that nothing Clarifies like Measurability. Read below so you can hear exactly how we operate and see if we are the right agency for you! 

What exactly is Jannock Studios?

Jannock Studios is a collective that imaginatively creates brands for social entrepreneurs (passion*preneurs) and businesses in the life improvement industry; enhancing holistic development in the lives of their clients and turning their calling into cash.

What is your design process?

1) Pre-design - During the pre-design phase - we will start with your free clarity call, where we will discuss your brand, goals, and targeted launch date. You will receive a custom proposal that describes the scope, pricing, and timelines.

2) Getting Started - Once you have accepted our proposal, you will pay your deposit of 25% to secure your project and reserve your dates on our calendar to be prepared for your launch date.

3) OnBoarding & Homework - You will have received your onboarding packet that describes our procedures and the specifics of your project. The onboarding phase is also a time where you fill out all of the homework / intake forms such as filling out questionnaires and organizing your content. At this time, your second payment of 40% is due before we get started on the project.

4) Design & Review - This is where all the magic happens! All of your images and information have been accepted and we begin on the design phase. We will keep you updated on your Dubasdo Portal about the progress of your project. We will work through each design every step of the way and as we move forward, we don't move backwards in the process.

5) Offboarding - YOUR PROJECT IS COMPLETE - and your last payment of 35% is due and your launch day is here. Once payment is completed we will schedule your offboarding call (where we can teach you how to access your final files and transfer over website ownership).

What are the payment terms?

Design costs are reflected by the amount of time, care, customization, amount of brand assets, and personal attention your project deserves. Every project is unique, therefore we will analyze the measures from the get-go. Our minimum project investment is 5000. *Because we love what we do and put in loads of hard work and though into each project, all deposits are non-refundable.

How much will my project cost?

Every design project is different and the pricing must be assesed for the individual project. Based on the claity call and our conversations during intake, the final price will be factored by the time, overall customization, and brand items that you will receive. The final cost of your project will be given in the initial proposal and contract. (These fees do not include domain and hosting fees).

What methods of payment do you except?

Jannock Studios currently accepts electronic payments (all major credit cards) and PayPal through our Dubsado Portal. Projects are paid in installments that are described in depth during the pre-design phase.

What platform will you build my website on?

We offer design on a variety of platforms - Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify. For informational sites, personal sites, or business websites that's main objective is not e-commerce we will use Squarespace, our preferred platform for your project.
E-commerce websites can choose between Squarespace or Shopify for their website platform.

Are there any cancellation fees?

We hope this this would NEVER be an issue but if you would like to cancel your project during the duration of the project, your initial payment will serve as a cancellation fee. There will also be a fee for any assets created or a prorated fee for the assets purchased up until the time of cancellation. Once notification of cancellation is submitted, all design work will stop. Please note Jannock Studios has the right to terminate any contract in the instance that the client is uncooperative or unresponsive.

What's the turnaround time for my project?

During the pre-design phase, we will decide on your ideal start date and end date for your project. This phase will also be where the homework, inspiration, and overall direction of your project are given and decided upon. The actual start date that is agreed upon in the initial contract will be when the project starts. The general turnaround time is 6-8 weeks for brand identity projects. For more involved design projects, turnaround time can vary from 8-10 weeks; this timeline will be expressed and agreed upon in the pre-design phase. Turnarounds and timelines can be adjusted or rushed for an additional fee.

How many revisions will I receive?

Every Jannock Studios project comes with two free revisions for all design projects. These are two formal reviews and must come with clear feedback and direction for an additional design rework. Your feedback is requested to come back as soon as possible to ensure we can meet all deadlines and design dates moving forward.Additional design reviews can be purchased for $75 per revision.

Do you offer printing options?

Jannock studios offers printing services. If you require printing services with your project, let us know before the completion of your project. Based on the quantity of the printed goods, an additional fee will be added to your final payment.

Do you offer web hosting and domain services?

Jannock Studios does not offer website hosting services. We can acquire and set up domain and hosting services on the selected platform for a additonal fee.

What kind of tech and design support do you offer?

Jannock Studios provides short term support for the deliverables up to 5 business days after the project ends for small changes.Web support that requires more than an hour of additional work will result in addtional fees (depending on the size of the requests).